Hullehavn Camping, Svaneke

We look forward to welcoming you to Hullehavn Camping, hoping that you’ll enjoy a lovely holiday in these beautiful surroundings.


Hullehavn Camping is directly located by The Baltic Sea and its rock formations. It’s very close to Svaneke lighthouse, as well as a small, charming, sandy beach, which means that the swimming facilities are top notch.

At Hullehavn Camping, you get to live amidst the beautiful and completely unspoiled nature with several rock formations and sandy beaches. We have acreages for your caravans and trailers, as well as an anti-car area for those with tents right by the rocks. We have acreages directly to The Baltic Sea, flat-open areas, terraces, hilly areas, anti-car areas and several oak groves. Almost everywhere at Hullehavn Camping, you can see the sea and there are benches so you can enjoy the view, as well. The entire area has been preserved.

During the opening season, there are numerous activities, such as evenings when you can roast your bread on a stick by a bonfire, music, wine tasting and hiking in the beautiful countryside by Svaneke.

Hullehavn Camping is located merely five minutes’ walk from Denmark’s smallest, Eastern and most beautiful market town, Svaneke. It’s a very nice town with its flourishing gardens, colourful houses, old stone fences and secluded pathways. The town has a special atmosphere and charm with some very winded and twisted streets. It’s possible to catch a ride in a tram run by horses. Every Wednesday and Saturday, there is a market place in which the locals sell their homemade handicraft products, as well as locally manufactured foods. The town has loads of shops, busy workshops and lovely places to eat. However, most importantly, Svaneke is the town of the artists: glass, pottery, paintings, sculptures and jewelry are some of the art forms you can experience here.

Hullehavn Camping has modern bathing facilities, changing rooms for the little ones, as well as facilities for the disabled with a lavatory, shower and sink. You can also come across a launderette, a large kitchen, a bed with herbs for general use, a living room, a covered terrace with a barbecue and two playgrounds. You have the opportunity to purchase freshly made bread rolls, daily supplies and small care packages for the bikers. In addition, you can schedule a time for the tennis court. Close by, it’s possible to rent bikes. There are collection schemes for your lavatory pans in your caravans and trailers.


A valid camping pass (Euro-Key) is required.


Hullehavn Camping is a good starting point for bikes rides, hikes and drives, as well as sailing in a sea kayak. Or you could go fishing. By the seaside in Southern Svaneke, there are some good places to go fishing amongst reefs, inlets and coves. These are also very good places if you wish to dive.


Bornholm comprises a network of marked bikes trails for more than 230 kilometres in a highly fluctuated terrain. Here, you’ll come across waving cornfields, hilly forest trails through plantations or hardcore, steep roads at Hammershus.

Nonetheless, if you prefer hiking, there are several of other opportunities, such as a small trail through the beautiful pathway to Listed. Or in the opposite direction through the old pathways, previously used for rescues, to Årsdale.


Furthermore, Bornholm comprises a highly varied countryside. Here, you’ll find solid rock formations, quiet woods, farmlands and very nice beaches. All of which within a reasonable distance. From Svaneke, the farthest distance to an attraction or town is 35 kilometres.

If you have any interest in history, art, culture, geography, ornithology and geology, there are huge opportunities to get your wishes fulfilled. Not to mention our local gastronomy: here, you’ll find one Michelin restaurant among other things.


Hullehavn Camping is open from 1st May to 15th September 2018.


Prices in DKK: normal space Peak season: 25th June – 5th August Off-season
Adults per night 84 84
Children (ages 0-11) per night 42 42
Caravans and trailers 40 0
Tent – small/big 20/40 0
Electricity 32 32
Vantage point 35 35


It’s possible to rent a caravan or a cottage tent for four people, fully equipped.

If you wish to book a package tour with the ferry included, we recommend that you contact our local travel agency by mail at or by phone on (+45) 56 95 67 85.

At Hullehavn Camping, the sun always ascends first.

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